What's new?

Prestige is polishing nicely and core updates alongside quality of life adjustments continue to improve the server. Make sure you jump into discord and stay up to date on all the news. 


Prestige is live! However bear with us while we continue to polish the feature as some minor bugs are present.

Prestige is coming

A new prestige function is on the way, you'll be able to reset your characters and re-play the world for additional talent points allowing unique builds to take place so stay tuned!

Double XP weekends!

You'll now get double the XP during each weekend, that's 6x retail rates!

New Features

We've recently introduced a new reward mechanic, providing a weekly present for those that participate in content with an achievement's multiplier. We're also introducing a new triumph token vendor!

More Updates

More updates have been pushed including achievement sharing based on a selection, FFA safeguards in dungeons, redundant loot vendoring from classic raids, Underbelly banker placement and discord additions too!

Progression Changes

We've implemented changes in the way progression begins after hitting 80, including increased RDF daily bonus rewards but the removal of frost emblem purchasing to streamline equipment upgrades and increase activity rewards. Check discord for more info.