War Coins Update

We've adjusted how War Coins are distributed, they are now given to each party member automatically on any kill that normally drops them making Rare Hunting a more cooperative experience.

Level boost

A level 55 boost has been added to the store, this will remove any hard modes in place and taint the player while levelling and providing 75 gold to get you started.


The primary professions limit has been increased to 4, enjoy the extra options!

World chat

World chat has been introduced ingame, just type .world and talk away! 


The website has had a few updates and maintenance is complete!

BG and Arena

All BG and Arena queues are being opened up after recent core adjustment and testing. Many BG queues have reduced min player count requirements also.

Public Test Realm

A public test realm has just been added, this will be used for testing new core and module changes before they go live!