New Features

We've recently introduced a new reward mechanic, providing a weekly present for those that participate in content with an achievement's multiplier. We're also introducing a new triumph token vendor!

More Updates

More updates have been pushed including achievement sharing based on a selection, FFA safeguards in dungeons, redundant loot vendoring from classic raids, Underbelly banker placement and discord additions too!

Progression Changes

We've implemented changes in the way progression begins after hitting 80, including increased RDF daily bonus rewards but the removal of frost emblem purchasing to streamline equipment upgrades and increase activity rewards. Check discord for more info.

Arena is back!

The Arena has been cleaned up and point allocation corrected, all team and personal ratings have also been reset so now is the best time to get into the PvP scene!

Lucky Gold Box

The Lucky Gold Box is now available at the War Trader, go and try it out for some rare crafting materials!

Usual Work

Updates to the server continue, mainly focused around reliability and uptime amongst ingame bug fixes. New feature prep work is also underway.

More updates

Crossfaction BG's are now live, jump in the queue and try them out, we've also introduced war coin rewards for quests post level 60 based on difficulty and level.