Usual Work

Updates to the server continue, mainly focused around reliability and uptime amongst ingame bug fixes. New feature prep work is also underway.

More updates

Crossfaction BG's are now live, jump in the queue and try them out, we've also introduced war coin rewards for quests post level 60 based on difficulty and level.

Multiple Updates

Lots of small changes over the past few weeks, these include Warden trials, Dragons of nightmare implementation, War Coin burn functions, dungeon scaling updates and curve floors, hundreds of core commits and bug fixes, multiple abuse removals and plenty of minor rare corrections.

New features incoming

We've got some new features coming to the server very soon, including choice based permanent attribute increases using a very scarce book sourced from rares and purchasable racial abilities using war coins.

DNS changes

Some updates are occuring to increase security for the realm and website, this involves a realm list host change. Please check out the "how to" section to confirm you're up to date with this.

Store and War trader additions

Profession boosts have been added to the store, random recipe boxes have been added to the war trader and store descriptions have been extended to clarify purchases.

Statboost adjustments

The enchant pool for stat boosts has been reduced slightly and the minimum rolls increased meaning less re-rolls are generally required when going for a good stat. Actual targeting of stats has also been polished slightly over time.

Bounty and SB changes

Stat boosted items and re-rolls now attempt to prioritize beneficial stats for the item, the pool of enchants have been expanded to still create a luck based rolling system. The bounty system is also now War Coin based!

Store and Fixes

Murloc costume has been added to the store and Dread pirate ring has been added to the War Trader. We've also applied a hotfix intending to resolve the ongoing kill credit issue.


Verek and Bruegal rares have been fixed, Heroism emblems have been reduced to 5 war coins and the boost vendors now include basic ground mounts (saber and wolf) for traversing early zones. We've also completed a world DB rebuild as a clean up exercise.

Mount additions

Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal has been added to the store as requested for those after a classic mount to add to their collection.

Store & Boosts

Flight path unlocks, level 70 boosts and level 80 boosts have been added to the store to give people more options around the content they want to play!