Server Info

Welcome to Oceanic War, the dedicated Oceanic WoW private server!

This is for all players looking for a new Oceanic based World of Warcraft WoTLK server to call home, you'll get low latency and a mostly Blizzlike experience with a twist.

Survival won't be easy, anyone can be attacked almost anywhere, but you'll get an interesting leveling and hunting experience with the addition of players competing over loot, rare spawns, materials and their favourite spots!

Based on AzerothCore and hosted within Azure in Australia, these are dedicated servers with anticheat present so will maintain long term reliability, daily backups are also in place.

There will be no pay to win cash shops, and no donation rewards that would ever affect real gameplay.

What's unique?

1. 3x XP and double that on weekends, 3x reputation and drop rates, double profession slots and the gathering yield is increased slightly.

2. Full interaction with the opposite faction including chat, group, dungeon, guild, mail and auction house sharing between the Horde and Alliance.

3. Stat Boosting, random stat roll bonuses are on equipment during loot, these can also be re-rolled introducing replay-ability and competitive dungeon or crafting.

4. Rare Attribute Books, obtained in unique ways allowing permanent increases to character stats, introducing endgame goals, unique builds and competitive play.

5. War Trader, this NPC is present within all capital cities hosting rare goods where primarily war coins are used to purchase items. These include bonus stat re-rollers and racial ability books, coins are awarded for daily dungeon finder completion, rare hunting, raid and open world bosses and passively through general active play based on achievements.

6. Free for all world PvP, anyone can be attacked almost anywhere excluding safe zones. A portion of war coins are also stolen on death, while the other portion is burned when killed by other players close to your level.

7. Bounty System, become infamous with a target on your head or help others becoming a bounty hunter bringing murderers down for war coin rewards.

8. Rare Hunting, rare creatures throughout the world are bigger, tougher, spawn more frequently and reward large amounts of XP and a few war coins. They've also got a small chance to reward an attribute book or frosty sack.

9. Dragons of Nightmare, the dragons have returned and they're the only creatures throughout the open world that can drop racial ability books among impressive loot, but be warned they cannot be taken down alone.

10. Dungeon Scaling, difficulty partially scales with group size and rewards are retained for smaller groups, dungeon finder can even be used solo but this won't be easy and becomes increasingly difficult at higher content.

11. Capital cities, these all include portals to other capital cities, transmogrification, reagent banking and bounty NPC's are also present here.

12. Auction House, an AH bot is present meaning plenty of common goods are available, however you'll still rely on players if you're selling your own goods.

13. Hardmodes, multiple difficult forms of play are present including permadeath, selfcraft only and slow XP - achieving the level cap in these modes will reward you greatly.

14. Prestige, this system allows you to reset your characters level, weapon skills and quests to experience the world all over again. As a reward you will be provided currency to spend on empowering bonus attributes and talent points.

15. QoL, many quality of life improvements exist including instant mail transfer, specific achievement sharing, starter guild assignment, object placement, inventory expansion, stack size increases, redundant loot vendoring, party XP bonuses and many more.