Server Rules

We have a few simple rules:

1. Be nice to others, I'm not hosting a toxic community.

2. Any abuse, repetitive griefing, botting, scripted automation, third party application usage or any forms of cheating will result in a warning and then ban depending on severity.

3. Multiboxing is allowed but must be kept to a limit of 5 characters and is not permitted within Battlegrounds or Arenas. 5v5 Arena teams have an exclusion to this rule but must not be used to farm in any way. You also cannot multibox with active Hard Modes and if open world PvP is entered for any reason you can only operate one character for the entire PvP session even after that character dies. The only exception to this rule is if you're defending yourself against a griefer.

4. Donations made to the server are completely optional, they assist in hosting and development costs but due to this they cannot be refunded.

5. Just have fun!

What's classed as griefing?
- Repetitive killing and targeting of a single player beyond three kills during the day.
- Repetitive daily hunting of a single player in attempts to remain below three kills.
- Repetitive attempts to scam, exploit or intervene with normal player activities.