What is it?

Prestige allows you to relive your character and start over while retaining aspects of your previous life. It can only be done at level 80 and doing so will reset you back to level 1 while clearing all your quests and skills.

As a reward, each time this is done you will receive 100 Prestige Coins. These coins can be spent at the Oceanic War Trader on either attribute or talent books, which are then handed in to the Attribooster to permanently increase your power.

Optionally you can choose to sacrifice your equipment during this process destroying it forever, the higher your total equipment power the more Prestige Coins you will receive.

Death Knights will only receive half the base amount of Prestige Coins for the leveling effort alone but the standard amount for equipment sacrifice.

What you keep:

Equipment (if you have not chosen to sacrifice it), items, mounts and currencies. However equipable items cannot be used until you hit level 80 again.

Professions and crafting skills, recipes, titles, and achievements are all retained along with Attriboosted stats and talents.

What you lose:

Levels, quests, talents, spells, passives and weapon skills will all reset.

Sacrificial equipment multiplier brackets:

iLvl | Multiplier

200 | 1.5x

216 | 2x

232 | 3x

245 | 4x

251 | 5x

255 | 6x

258 | 7x

262 | 8x

264 | 9x

266 | 10x

268 | 11x

270 | 12x