Login Announce

We've added little announcements to chat whenever a player logs into or out of the world. Handy for making use of the ".world" chat!

Activity rewards

Players now receive war coins every hour based on their characters total play time. You must remain active within the world to receive these rewards, this means just helping out a friend will still progress your character! 


We've made some tuning changes to heroic dungeons and normal raids to make smaller groups viable. We're also introducing an online activity reward system to keep progression going even when you're just chilling out!

Diablo Has Come

Diablo is a unique boss event that occurs most weekends, lookout for our discord announcements to join in!

Hard Modes Update

The core of how hard modes function has been updated, this allows additional modes including "Hell" and a more polished feel to existing modes.

War Coins Update

We've adjusted how War Coins are distributed, they are now given to each party member automatically on any kill that normally drops them making Rare Hunting a more cooperative experience.

Level boost

A level 55 boost has been added to the store, this will remove any hard modes in place and taint the player while levelling and providing 75 gold to get you started.


The primary professions limit has been increased to 4, enjoy the extra options!

World chat

World chat has been introduced ingame, just type .world and talk away! 


The website has had a few updates and maintenance is complete!

BG and Arena

All BG and Arena queues are being opened up after recent core adjustment and testing. Many BG queues have reduced min player count requirements also.

Public Test Realm

A public test realm has just been added, this will be used for testing new core and module changes before they go live! 

Server stability

Work has been put in over the last few days to increase stability after recent core changes and things have definitely improved so get in on the fun! 

Core Update Issues

Recent large Azeroth Core updates have caused some instability to the server including breaking dungeon scaling, these are being worked on currently.

FFA Flag Fixes

In town bubble effects are being replaced with a revised FFA flag system, this will fix portal usage and allow us to add starting zones as safe areas.

Rare Creature changes

Rare creatures will now be bigger and tougher but spawn faster, hunt them down for large amounts of XP and even some War Coins!

Rate updates

Gathering, Skinning and Fishing rates are undergoing changes to align with XP and general drop rates of the server.

Store updates

We've added TCG and promo items to the store including unique mounts, check them out!

Donating and DP

Store is live and you can donate for DP now, these points can be used to purchase the same items faster without voting but still helps the server out greatly.

Voting and VP

You can now vote and recieve vote points for the shop! Be aware these votes are not yet verified so please complete the vote to help out the server.


Work in progress

Please note the website is still being worked on so expect the odd issue while we polish it up.